Meet dothub.

Our hosted SaaS where you can push your dots for safekeeping and collaboration. dotmesh itself is open source and can be used for free.


Individual account.
  • $0.
  • 1GB storage.

For individuals with modest needs or teams that want to use dothub by collaborating on a single user’s account.



Individual account.
  • $10/month/user.
  • 5GB storage.

For individual developers ready to use dothub for permanent dot storage.

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Team account.
  • $20/month/user.
  • 10GB storage.

For teams who want team management features and workflow tools.

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Team account.
  • $50/month/user.
  • 20GB storage.
  • Hosted

For businesses that need SSO, Compliance Exports and guaranteed uptime.

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Team account.
  • $ Let's talk.
  • On your storage.
  • On premise

For businesses that need to run dothub on their own infrastructure, rather than our cloud.

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Frequently asked questions.

What happens if I go over my storage limit?

You will receive a notification of approaching your limit. If you push a dot that takes you over your limit you will be asked to upgrade or reduce your usage.

Can I invite collaborators to my dots?

Yes, you can invite unlimited collaborators on all plans.

Can I buy additional storage?

Yes, extra storage charged at $1/GB/month.

How much storage will I need?

Each dot is a repository for stateful application snapshots. The more changes you make to your dot, the more storage you will need. However, the changes are saved as deltas which means that they don’t take up as much space.

None of the plans work for me, can I have a custom plan?

Yes! Please contact us for a chat.

Do you throttle anything besides storage?

There are soft limits on the amount of network traffic per month you can submit to Dothub. We’ve set this high enough so that almost no one ever encounters it. But if you do or you think you will, we’re happy to create a custom plan for you with higher limits.

Is there are distinction between private and public dots?

All dots are currently private, we may make a feature for public dots if there is a demand.