We are dotmesh.

Bringing data into the circle of control.

Vision & mission.

Dotmesh is a project made by Subtree Inc, a new cloud-native data management startup founded in 2017 with $10m funding from storage industry veterans.

Subtree's vision.

We believe in creating a world where data works for us, not against us, when we are developing software and services. We are committed to changing the status quo to bring data into the circle of control by building reliable, manageable and usable practices for using data wherever we work with code.

Our mission.

Make it simple to capture, organize and share data and the environments in which it exists. Dotmesh is our first project to tackle this challenge.

Our people.

Dotmesh is being created by a team of talented and lovely people. We work 100% remote but we get together once a month, normally in the UK. Some people involved with the Dotmesh project are.

Headshot of Alaric Snell–Pym

Alaric Snell–Pym


Alaric is a software engineer at Dotmesh, as well as a Scout leader, a co-founder of Cheltenham Hackspace, and a prolific open source dabbler.

Headshot of Alice Sowerby

Alice Sowerby


Alice loves ideas and problem solving, especially anything to do with human behaviour. So far this has included working on making things better for users and teams, and trying to grok global economics.

Headshot of Avi Deitcher

Avi Deitcher


Avi is a technologist, engineer and businessman with a focus on building, delivering and scaling technology businesses that matter.

Headshot of Kai Davenport

Kai Davenport


Kai is an engineer without portfolio and can write frontend, backend and sideways code.

Headshot of Luke Marsden

Luke Marsden


Luke is the CEO and Founder at Dotmesh. He's been collaborating in the Docker and Kubernetes communities since the early days, with Docker volume plugins and the first container persistence implementation, Flocker.

Headshot of Pete Coles

Pete Coles


Pete is a Homosapien, digital designer and a lover of hot, brown drinks. Prior to dotmesh, he was co-founder and creative director at design agency fffunction. Comes with optional beard and karate chop action.

Headshot of Priya Samuel

Priya Samuel


Priya is a software engineer at Dotmesh, she is a generalist programmer and enjoys working across the entire software stack. She is a keen traveller, a skilled craftsperson and enjoys reading a good book with a warm cup of ginger tea.

Dotmesh team days.
Bristol & London 2017–2018.

Contact us.

Registered addesss.

Subtree inc. 5 New Street Square, EC4A 3TW, London, UK.

Try our hosted tutorial.

We've teamed up with our friends at Katacoda to to bring you a live hosted tutorial. Try it now.

# Install the dotmesh client
sudo curl -sSL -o /usr/local/bin/dm \  https://get.dotmesh.io/$(uname -s)/dm

# Make the client binary executable
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dm

# Use the client to install dotmesh-server
dm cluster init